Sunday, December 12, 2010

eh hye!

o mak aih!lamenye x update blog!lets update some great things dat happened recently~

1. penang bridge marathon (21km) on 21 November.

2. show 4 Jari Studio,Monsoon Cup n coming,New Year.

3. I went 4 bowling selection for coming KSM

4. last minute invitation 4 netball KSM but i didn't take it.x practice lgsg kot.

5. First time i played futsal.AWESOME!

These are some of the pictures. I wanna upload more.But kinda sleepy rite now.gotta wake up as early as 6.30am 2mrw.I kt melaka pn now ni.2mrw got class at 11am straight sampai 7pm.NICE!
ni show kt PWTC.daia the new dancer!

tx 4 the support especially to baby!n dina!n daos as our manager on that day.ceyy~~haha!

ni plak motorshow.

ingt nk amek gambar byr rm15 plak.ta hell???dun wan lah...

he's definitely having t'aime! :D

so yea..tu lah basically..sorry xleh nk upload byk2..ssh btul nk dpt bekalan internet on my own yah! ;*