Thursday, December 6, 2012

my side income

pd siapa2 yg berminat untuk sewa baju pengantin,make up,hantaran,pelamin jangan malu2 ok uols.i bg special price skali dgn wedding photoshoot. ^_^

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Sipadan Mabul (3rd day) Adventure


minta maaf lovely people.was quite busy since i came back from tonnes of work to settle.however,this is the final post for my sipadan trip.hopefully this wont be the last one. ;)

1.what to expect on ur last day at sipadan?
-enjoy ur last day bfast
menus are different try em!

-cycle to the other side of the island for a swim and jacuzzi
Pagi2 x ramai org pn swimming pool.just nice for u to have ur own sweet time there.hehe.the trees are all over as shades for a calm and cool environment.

-appreciate the moment left
well,since it's the last day in Sipadan..i took as many pictures as i could and breath the fresh air.not to forget the starfishes we saw masa air surut.hihi.oh.u can also feed the fish at the cafe.amek roti kt situ je.FOC!

Well...basically tu lah 3 hari i kat Sipadan.i enjoyed every bit of's some cost info for u guys :

For our 3 days and 2 nights package :
Rm2200.boat tour to snorkelling spot and gears are not included.(last post i ckp included kan?i slh.sorry. -_-)

i hope this wont be my last vacation to Sipadan.If u guys ada yg plan nk g,pls let me know or at least write about it yea! ;)

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Sipadan Mabul (2nd day) Adventure

helo Sabah!helo Malaysia!

It's my second day here.and i had a blast.last nite was rough.hujan lebat.some tips for those who wish to stay here.keep ur shoes inside the room or else it'd be in the water the next day u wake usual,i'll give u guys some details about the things to do here and the cost info.ouh,before i forget,this is the place where u dont have to bring money g mn2 pun.each time u purchase anything,u'll be asked to sign and write down ur room number.the total amount purchased will be charged when u check out.brilliant enough? ;p okay jom take a tour with me.

1. What to do on ur 2nd day?
Firstly,watever u're paying for ur stay includes :
-snorkelling/diving package
-buffet for bfast,lunch,dinner
-other activities on the island(kayaking)

so u'll be expecting a snorkeling or diving trip on ur 2nd day.starts as early as 8am-2.30pm.for sipadan package,the dive sifu will bring u to 3 diving spots.

bonus details : food will be prepared for the trip and towels as well.

as for the gears,make sure to have ur gears ready at the jetty before 7.50.check gears with ur dive sifu.(sifu will introduce themselves to u on ur 1st day,during dinner)

It'll take u about 15mnts to get to Sipadan station for registration.if the waves are rough,20mnts.after registration,here comes the adventure!!!

u'll be served with foods and drinks after each diving dont worry of getting too tired okay? ;)

Tips : do not wear anything : studs,bracelet) or else u'll get the barracuda's attention.

: if the current kuat sangat,please wear ur life jacket.

:do not get panic when u see the super big fishes and big,dark cliff underneath.relax.they're not gonna bite u.

And the rest of the day continues admiring the ocean's turf and awesome fishes.(i saw 13 turtles,1 shark,2 barracudas,and millions of different kinds of fishes)

all in all,this is the best snorkeling experience thus far.i've been to some islands but nothing is better than Sipadan.thumbs up!well,now,enjoy the pictures!

P/s : dont have much pics for today.i'll upload more when i get home. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Sipadan Mabul (1st day) adventure

helo Malaysia.helo sabahan! :D

I am indeed,so excited being here in Sipadan.ikutkan,i'm too lazy to update my blog.but since i have some request from my friends who're getting married soon,and searching for a perfect place for honeymoon,i think they need this.hehe.

1.How to get here?
So we flew from LCCT at 7am to Tawau.Arrived in Tawau around 10am.Flight was rough though.haha.The airport was good.peaceful.Once we got there,there's a van waiting for us.

Cost info : rm200/van

from airport,it took us 1hr40mnts to semporna.

From semporna,u'll need to take a boat to Sipadan.

Cost info : rm400/boat

soft was a hell of a bumpy,wet,adventurous ride! advice is,bila nk naik boat tu,pakai baju ujan. ;p

once we got here,we've been given a brief explanation about the place and a glass of welcome drink.and a fresh! :D then we had lunch.well of course,the food was awesome!!

2. What to do on ur first day at sipadan mabul water village resort?

-have a rest
after almost 6hrs journey,i believe i need a lot of rest.

-go cycling
Each room is provided with 3 bicycles.we cycled from our room to te other side of the island where u can also watch the BEAUTIFUL SUNSET.

-rent the gears for snorkelling activity
The rent shop is at the other side of the island.

Cost info : rm20 for snorkelling mask and free for life jacket.

fins are optional.if the current is not that strong,(ask for diver's advice)mask n jacket is good enough.

-Visit the heli dock
If u're lucky,u can see the turtles!n sea snake!

-enjoy saturday nite BBQ
we enjoyed an awesome bbq dinner.the seafood were all fresh ones.deliciously cooked!

Well,that's what i did for today.plenty of things to do here i'll keep u guys posted.enjoy the pictures! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New way of cleaning ur hands

How do u clean up ur hands? As for me, soap is the only solution. i dont really believe in wipes or any lubricants by Dettol like we have in markets. i believe u guys heard of it. Now what's wrong with soap or handwash we are using? Nothing's wrong with it isn't it? It's just the way we use it is wrong. Tell me now, how long does it take u to wash ur hands? 1mnt? 1 second? 2 mnts? As for me, i would say, hurm......... 4seconds MAX! Haha.. Maybe u'd think of saying this : "enough already..wat's with the numbers anyway, screw em....i wash my hands everyday!wats wrong with u man??" u i been told by my sister this morning. "kak, do u know about squid handwash?" Honestly, i was thinking about a bottle with squid on top of it.well it's not totally wrong. I did gain some marks answering my lil sis's question. Google 'squid hand wash' or 'squid soap' then u know.hehe So wat's so amazing about this squiddy soapy thingy? 1. It Is an ink form type of handwash. 2. Once u apply, the ink won't wash off until 25-30 seconds of scrubbing and cleaning ur hands. It's the time recommended by doctors for a clean hands result. Genius isn't it?do not worry.The ink itself is chemically safe for human's usage.hihi. I might go and buy one of u know where can i find it? :)

One of the most inspiring Malaysian



i know i know..its kinda late for an entry.but i'm really in the mood of posting something.hehe..

as u guys know,in life, there are people who love to have and to be so called


i've been enjoying Ini Anwar Hadi channel on Youtube recently. And i thought he's supercool. at first, i thought

"nah,just another typical vlogger"

But i was wrong. He is truly an awesome guy who has a simply interesting point of views in almost every video.i dont think i'm even 10% like him.i love vlog and blog of course.but i just dont have it. So i just stick to my job.haha!

The question is :

Do u,ladies and gents,have haters?i bet u do.well,as far as i'm inspired, i think i have pretty good skills to handle em.not to say that i am a really good pretenders or what not.but really..u just need to bear this in mind;

"dont hate haters for what they did.they just dont get the idea of "i'm living my own life" yet.

Now thts interesting. Rite? What an inspiring nite. Owwwwww i want to be just like him soooo bad!'s thats to much.

Okay.thats all for now. Check out Anwar hadi's vids on youtube just in case u r still not inspired by anything yet. Hehe.

Salam. ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

warm greetings to all

hello all..

It's been a while since i last blogging. Quite bz now ni sebab~~~

dah nk msk 3 bln dah keje kt Subitec ni.

for u guys out there who just started ur carrier..i wish u all the best! :)

p/s : i will try my best to keep this precious little thing updated as there's too much to share.. :'>

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tragedi di kala hari raya thaipusam

I was excited to take a bus ride back to my i bought a ticket at 7.30 just now.

Situation in the bus
•sunyi sepi
•5 guys
•1 girl (which is me)

as usual,i really need something to munch on whenever m i bought a bread with sardin fillet n mayo on 7.45,i thought it's time to head straight to the departure hall(m still amazed on how this place has incredibly turn to a place which is up to the standard).

gave my sister some tips on how to get out of this place and head straight home.she's still confuse n i bet she's still not sure of where she's heading now.hehe.

at the departure hall,1 uncle came up to me and asked me "best Thaipusam?"

i replied : " x celebrate pun uncle."

he asked again : x g Batu Caves?

i replied again : x uncle.hehe.busy.

And i decided to leave the seat since the bus has arrived. -_-"