Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tragedi di kala hari raya thaipusam

I was excited to take a bus ride back to my i bought a ticket at 7.30 just now.

Situation in the bus
•sunyi sepi
•5 guys
•1 girl (which is me)

as usual,i really need something to munch on whenever m i bought a bread with sardin fillet n mayo on 7.45,i thought it's time to head straight to the departure hall(m still amazed on how this place has incredibly turn to a place which is up to the standard).

gave my sister some tips on how to get out of this place and head straight home.she's still confuse n i bet she's still not sure of where she's heading now.hehe.

at the departure hall,1 uncle came up to me and asked me "best Thaipusam?"

i replied : " x celebrate pun uncle."

he asked again : x g Batu Caves?

i replied again : x uncle.hehe.busy.

And i decided to leave the seat since the bus has arrived. -_-"