Sunday, December 12, 2010

eh hye!

o mak aih!lamenye x update blog!lets update some great things dat happened recently~

1. penang bridge marathon (21km) on 21 November.

2. show 4 Jari Studio,Monsoon Cup n coming,New Year.

3. I went 4 bowling selection for coming KSM

4. last minute invitation 4 netball KSM but i didn't take it.x practice lgsg kot.

5. First time i played futsal.AWESOME!

These are some of the pictures. I wanna upload more.But kinda sleepy rite now.gotta wake up as early as 6.30am 2mrw.I kt melaka pn now ni.2mrw got class at 11am straight sampai 7pm.NICE!
ni show kt PWTC.daia the new dancer!

tx 4 the support especially to baby!n dina!n daos as our manager on that day.ceyy~~haha!

ni plak motorshow.

ingt nk amek gambar byr rm15 plak.ta hell???dun wan lah...

he's definitely having t'aime! :D

so yea..tu lah basically..sorry xleh nk upload byk2..ssh btul nk dpt bekalan internet on my own yah! ;*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

greatest moment of all..

i shud say congratulations to my dearest Najib 4 his UPSR result.x pnah bajet pn he's getting 5As..sbb maen2 je keje die.

on the 11th,me n lisya went to his school 4 d usual,mmg i yg akan amek result mum was too afraid to wait there.maybe ada butterflies in her stomach kot if she waited.haha.i reached there about 9.15am.we waited for najib at the x muncul2 pn budak i tot,ala..g je la hall..mase tu dah pukul 10.15.lambat gile nk umum 11.15 cmtu baru lah pengetua dtg.oh jap.ada selingan.

cekgu penolong kanan : brp org yg x hadir hari ni?

ketua kelas : 5 org cekgu.

cekgu penolong kanan : aik,nk amek result pn xmo dtg skolah?mane diorg pegi?

ketua kelas : diorg ade hoki cekgu.

cekgu penolong kanan : oh...main hoki ye.biarkan.diorg x takut result agaknye.

WTH man?i mean...laa..of course hoki tu under school gak kan.then wat's with the statement?students yg active tu lah yg excel sometimes ok..give em support la at least..haih~~

ok total up yg got 5As in his school : 52 students.

guru besar pn started announcing all the names with 5As..majority were from 1st brother was in the 3rd class.dat explained something la kan.

so 51 names has been announced..then guru besar said this..

"di atas stage,berdiri spelajar2 yg dpt 5A,semuanya berjumlah 51 org.tggl seorang sahaja lg..dan pelajar ini akan menjadi sumber inspirasi kepada guru,pelajar2 sekalian..tidak semestinya jika anda di kelas yg ketiga,anda x boleh dpt 5A.saya amat berbangga dgn pelajar ini."

the moment she said left only one student,me n lisya dah pasrah dah.xpelah.tawakal je.but we never lose hope.

and then the teacher announced..

"tahniah kepada..


ya allah..i n lisya mmg terkejut..we didn't expect that at all..tears all over..the moment was beautiful.Najib went to the front,salam all his teachers,guru besar and stood at the most front of the crowd on the stage..m so proud of him. :)

congrats najib..special tx to my mum.she guided najib all the way for his UPSR.


e n d

psst : i found a fren's FB.used to be a gud fren of mine.i went thru her wall,i read all her comments n everything...i can even imagine the way she talked..gosh i miss u. ;( n i wish i could spend a day with u just to do things we used to do when we were frens.. ;(

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

something that's not to be missed!!! :D

i hope u got bright eyes to see n read n understand it.coz i find it interesting.n there are advantages for women if such device is invented in the market.haha!!!read more folks! :D

if this were to be in market...points that are about to be listed will logically happen! :D

  • there'll be no such thing as "Oh gosh..I've always been wit the wrong ones..." ;D
  • crime scene should be less. :D
  • u won't get cheated.
  • if a salesman/woman try to sell something not in good quality,we would know it.kan?
it'd be nice if i have one of this.but life'd be so perfect n u'll get bored with it since there're no challenges n ups n downs.boringnye!!!

the mistakes that u did,come together with a lesson,but it comes later though.but hey,it's a lesson still.kan?? :)

a person said to me once.

"why be a perfectionist?be someone who live with mistakes."

i said "huh?"

he added "but not too much mistakes n not on purpose lah....."


e n d

Saturday, November 6, 2010

if i could turn back time...

hye peeps! it's been a while kan? biasa la..finals.i barely touched my fb's notifications pn.haha.hbs2 je exam trus curi dina's broadband since i couldn't fine mine.hehs..arh cut the crap.jom cerita2.if dah rasa mcm boring utk teruskan's okay..i fhm..hehe.... ;p

so how was my finals?


my last paper,heat was a major disaster.everyone ended up eating ice cream right after that horrifying moment kat MPH.haha!control was a lot better i guess.huuu.....

so things were great after finals.we went out shishaing n boraking at castle til 4am,karaoke at JJ balakong,watched RED at alamanda,had our sizzling lamb legs at austin..pergh~~

n now m home.b4 balik,nangis mcm ape.i think u know what i mean.lame kot cuti.3 weeks almost.definitely i'll be missing him kan...haish...i love u.ok2.dah2.

so here i am.HOME.

when i reached home yesterday,my room has been taken.fed up sbb each time i get back,there's awez sum1 who's in my room.guest room is upstairs but majority of the visitor are women age ranged yea..officially...i moved to a new room.the guest room is now mine.i dun quite like the room so much compared to my room.but i think it's least it's my own decision and i dun have to move up every time my mum tells me about having guest.haha.

so here i am.mua NEW ROOM.

tonite mcm byk nyamuk pulak.since he's very bz with his game,so i mls nk kacau tonite,feels like sharing something.

there're several things that i regret when i think about my old days.

firstly..i let go my YTN just like that.da taw da kena tarik pocket money,i still main2,x pnah terfikir pn pasal having difficulties on fees later masa degree.last2..PAMA solution nye.haih~~~wat a waste. stuck wit stupid guy who gave me false stupid i was to just wait 4 him whereby i knew he's not the one.the worst part was,i turn my back againts all my frens who supported me all the way when i was having troubles wit him.sigh~~

thirdly..cigarette.been trying to put a stop's F***in hard!wish i never had that first try. hair.i wish i could turn back time when my hair was totally original without chemicals in it.b4 this,anythin in the magazine,new hairdo,msti i eager gila g saloon,then change my hair.straight la.chinese cut la.curl la.rebond la.relaxing la.u name it.

#5..couldn't mention here.only my dear frens knew it.stupid!!stupid!!!arh!! point regretting rite..rite now,my life is almost perfect.almost ye.for the fees,i've already told my mum n dad,pape yg dipinjam,i would pay em back as soon as i get my first salary.of course la bkn lump sum kan.huhu.4 d guy part,my frens asked me have i found my mr right?i said yes. :)

cigarette??working on it. :|

my hair?it's totally original now but of course it's not dat shiny xpe..lame2 ok la tu. :)

the #5,totally not having it anymore.yeay!

bila fikir2's not that gave u somethin terrible in the beginning to teach u how to survive n learn the nature of living.kan? ;)

e n d

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

this is wat i do when i couldn't get my eyes closed 4 d nite.

i do believe in u

i do believe in ur love

i do believe in us

i do believe everything

please make this work

coz m not gona live without u..ever.

tx 4 d call..i appreciate it..n i think u're in the learning phase. ;p

i shud admit that m quite happy with the progress so far n i know u're not dat bad after all.. ;)

it's ur nature..n i love u just the way u are.. (fed up sometimes though.. -_-")

but who cares..



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.10.10,the deadliest tragedy.

while we were having so much fun celebrating the beautiful date,others were grieving for their losses....

this is most probably the woman in honda that first got hit by the bus.

those who were safe.

this is the van driver that got hit right after the woman in honda.

masya Allah..

the accident caused nearly 4 hours traffic jamm.


Al-Fatihah for those who has been taken by Him on the 10.10.10 tragedy.

ego is GOLD?

Q : why are men so ego centered?
A : i duno n it's freaking weird!

Q : does ego make men more masculine?
A : err..maybe?

Q : m i tired?
A : i dun think so.not yet.kot~~

Q : is holding on to ego something cool?
A : it depends on the situation.

Q : n what is exactly my situation now?
A : do i really have to answer dis?

Q : u think u're in the wrong side?
A : a big NO!

Q : then why is he not texting u?
A : ..............

Q : do u think he regrets?
A : i hope so..

end of Q and A

i had my 10km run again at Putrajaya legs are having hard times catching up with the new pace n they're in so much pain now.sigh~~~i need some music to cheer me up while m much will it cost to have one of that?(tgk gamba ats)maybe it's a bit dangerous mase training at putrajaya mlm2 kan..but it's great if i have one of those on the marathon day at penang!i shud ask Boss some money! :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ape sudah jadi sama aku?

hye!it's been a while.kan?

xde pape pn yg's just dat certain ppl just came to me pastu tanye nape aku x update2 blog.

so let's give u guys some updates shall we?

after's open house season as well as weddings.equals to perut buncit,besar,boroi.

ni convoi raya dgn budak2 skolah.awesome!smpai sban kitorg merantau.tu pn they continue their journey all the way to melaka.aku x larat.siyes.kebetulan mase otw blk,there's a guy who's very very very mad at me just bcoz i was in a wrong lane.pastu threatened nk tumbuk aku.watever shit...last skali die tumbuk kete aku.ape2 aje la...

ni plak open house umah tehah.die punya apple pie with ice cream on top of it mmg cool!!!kuih raya semua sedap2 belaka.tx tehah! ;)

ni plak kt umah baru fariz.smpi buat port sendiri.mkn byk2.x senonoh sungguh.hehs~~

gamba pn x senonoh.

weekend tu open house umah saye sndri...ajak housemate ngn kwn2 bf saye aje..sbb bukan buat bsr2an pn...ade yg terase..mintak maaf ye..saye mmg x ajak ramai2 sgt...kawan2 parents saye pn same byk je ngn kawan2 saye.taun ni x brp nk meriah..huhu.

dr rozmee..btul ke eja?haa..cuba cari yg mane satu dr rozmee..haha!

hbs open house sabtu tu,ahad blk uniten trus after ciapkan sme2 cake n spaghetti utk surprise bday party incik nuruz.then nk kn hadirkan diri ke bbq umah sewa fariz..haa...tgk gamba atas tu.kushuk gile tgk avatar.mcm x pnah tgk.nk taw nape?sbb blue ray.haha!pastu mission dijalankan.

at last,jd jugak surprise bday party utk incik nuruz..surprise utk dina jugak!hee...cake tu aku buat..rupa mmg x seberapa..gigil2 siap nk tulis nama icing tu.hehs~~

eee..cayang! :D

eee!!cayang jugak! :D

haaa..ramaikan yg dtg.panas trus umah aku.haha!tx to sme yg dtg!! :)

haa..last week..main event saye n incik nuruz adalah di johor.we attended weddings at JB n Labis.then g umah dina kt gombak..journey started seawal 9am...ended selambat 'cool' is dat?pnt gile.kitorg sampai kt majlis akad nikah kak amy kt labis(rujuk gamba di atas) pkl 6.45pm.da nk maghrib dah pn.nasib baek kak amy masih dlm uniform.leh amek gamba.bak kate man,amek berkat.siap duduk atas pelamin,wahaha!

wedding yg kt JB tu x smpt nk amek gamba gune camera la..dah sme pn DSLR..segan la plak kami berjaya bg pengantin baru hadih jam loceng yg dah diset alarm pkl 1am.n loceng tu xkn berenti selagi tuan punye jam loceng x stopkan.haha.mmg kecoh la diorg kan mase alarm tu bunyik.hehe.. ;p

pastu..sampai umah dina pkl 11.30pm..haa...sape je yg pnah dtg open house selambat tu?xd kan?haha!siap parents dina tggu lg tu.gile rase besalah.

tp makanan still byk..superb dowh! ;p

'partay' never ends.hehs~esoknye ke umah sastranadea pulak.then ke umah incik nuruz at s.alam lg skali.hehe.

mahal ni gamba ni.haha!

open house fever ni mmg never ending story..haha..dis week ade bgs la..bole merapatkan silaturrahim.. ;p

Sunday, September 12, 2010

raya activity saye! ^^

woke up at 8 something on the first day of raya.not in the mood for it actually.if i could just continue my dream,it would've been better.i din get enuf sleep okay!tx to our new bibik who is completely clueless about the's okay..she's still in the learning phase..'s my first day of raya?i would say hurm...normal.nothing great except for the car that i drove mase g convoi raya.hee..i was the happiest person when dad asked me to drive another car since estima and any other cars were fully lg ye...alaa...tgk je la gamba. :)

pagi usual..excited for the family pictures. ;p
oh2.this year's theme is black!combined with gold,black,brown eyeshadow.weweet!

look up!it's a fan! -_-" x ready lg ni..

my sisters and my one and only brother..

let's hope that one day he'll be as charming,as slim as,as tough as rafael nadal shall we? ;p

we started our convoi at 5pm.tgk gamba atas,that's the 2nd house.i ate a lot.esp the cornflakes tasted awesome!!!!

we were a bit confused.was that a sheep? yea i think so.(taken masa otw to the 3rd house)

the first day of raya was a real raya.when it comes to the 2nd day,i dun feel like raya already.everything seems normal,no celebration,no convoi,no ketupat.but somehow,my dad brought us to the thai restaurant for dinner.well that was quite interesting coz i've never been there.

the place was very clean and comfortable,perfect for 10 person.

popia kapun ka..nah..that's not the name.i just made it's thailand can i remember.heh.

my dad ordered a lot.the ayam madu pun very nice.mlas nk upload..

dis is not meant to eat ye.just for decoration.hehe.if u wanna try this,search for Kings Hotel. ;) price is not that expensive.affordable.

my 3rd day of raya which is today is not that funky to be published here..eheh.there are some of my dad's friend coming over and they've been here since 9pm just now.bile nk blk?i've absolutely no idea. -_-"