Sunday, January 31, 2010

i'm sooooo hard..

dis is the latest from rihanna yg aku dgr.interesting.but somehow ada sedikit rasa yg rihanna ni mcm lady offense..i like em both.. :D

enjoy dis video u guys!

p/s : mls gile nk blk uniten!!!!urghh~~~~

nota tapak kaki : x sbr nk post gamba pelik2. :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

berdasarkan pemerhatian..saya patut..

memandangkan saya terlalu inginkan fresh look untuk bloggie..

maka dengan ini..tepat jam 2.54am waktu tempatan..di dalam bilik saya yg tibe2 nak byk nyamuk lak mlm ni..

dengan sogokan darah yang telah diberi kepada sekalian umat nyamuk..

bertemankan lampu yg kelip2 yg membuatkan saya sakit mata..

diiringi muzik gothic metal dari within temptation..

diselang-selikan dengan kekerapan ke toilet akibat terlalu banyak minum air..

dan macam2 lagi.

maka siaplah blog yg ceria dengan warna2 feveret saya ini..


e n d

p/s : saya rasa sungguh sihat sekarang!!!! :D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

patut or x patut?

patut ke tuka template??



e n d

p/s : xd interesting things to post lah.boring gile.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


here is wat we're gonna do

1. have dat distance back which i used to have when my heart broke.

2. bare in my mind dat no one can make me happy except ME.

3. DO NOT wait for anybody's name to pop-up on the phone's screen.(its easier if i turn it off.haha)

4. DO waste my time searching for weird things for my blog (e.g googling)

5. say this to myself.. "argh...screw dis!i dun need anybody..."

6. i shud NOT imagine my good times wit __________

7. i have dis whole week at home..sya's coming n i shud feel great coz m gona spend great times wit my family.

8. keeping myself refreshed of those shit dat happened makes me feel a lot better without __________

9. i shud talk to mama about evrything.(this is tough.but m gona do it.)

10.bare in mind. "frenz shud act like real frenz"

e n d

p/s : getting too atached makes me feel like shit.

nota tapak kaki : dah jumpe template best.bile lagi ni?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my new addiction

dis is one of their awesome songs.haha..but i gotta say dis is d best vid clips compared to others.emotion all over.haish~sedih sedih.haha..

tx to naan..ever since she uploaded the vid clip of this song(live version) i started digging in you tube.listen to all within temptation's songs which is cool..gothic metal nih..layan aje..hehe..hope u guys have fun watching dis! (^_^)

p/s : what have you done now pn best juge..somewhere pn best.duet wit anneke. :) gonna upload dat vid here soon!!

nota tapak kaki : sdg mencari2 template baru.mau tuka template!dah bosan.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Move Past a Bad Relationship

So u're in a bad srelationship and now it's over.Well relationships are never really over them.Getting over an old flame is one of the hardest thing u may ever have to do cause it means letting go of what ur used to and step forward into the unknown.Moving on is challenging and many tears will fall,but know that ur heart will mend and u'll feel whole again.

Step 1 :

SAYING ENUF IS ENUF!AND UNDERSTAND WHY U DESERVE BETTER.rite now at the beginning of ur break up all u may wanna do is rehash bout all the good times u had while asking urself. "wHAT WENT WRONG?" But what u need to do is look at the relationship for how it was in the end.What were the reasons the relationship ended?FInd out for the fact how long things have been wrong.

Step 2 :

Write down all the reasons u believe it's time to move on.List all the times ur partner LIED to u,said things to put u down, or abused u in any way. Make sure to note how it made u feel and the times u carried. This list will help u move 4ward and past this broken heart u carry.

Step 3 :

Now it's time to get rid of the relationships all together.This will be the hardest step of all,so have support such as best friend or family members to help u.CUt,burn,shred,trash, or sell any/all pictures,clothing,stuffed animals,items that remind u of ur EX and the "GOOD TIMES".This will keep u from falling back into the "BAD TIMES"

e n d

p/s : to my ayunk..esp meem..dis is specially dedicated to u.. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

couldn't resist u..


tak tipu...

kamu macam ganja...

bak kata mat dan minah saleh..m addicted to u..kan?


e n d

p/s : setelah lama x post aku.haish....

nota tapak kaki : oit.klo x tido lg..xyah la ckp gudnite..tah pape..ckp je la ko nk online.comment sana sini.kononnya da tido.wadefish!!marah.marah.marah.

nota ibu jari tapak kaki : aku benci ko sgt2 lah.apsal la aku x kua je uniten ni.sng.xyah tgk muke ko dah.sampai mati pun.

Friday, January 8, 2010


m goin to the rehearsal tonite wit alyah's team..wish me luck..(padahal rehearsal je.haha)
e n d
p/s : ade mob dance nnt ms AJL.sape nk join btaw.step sgt sng.sape2 pn bole,sape yg join leh dpt VIP seat tgk AJL saye ye klo nak(0176896189/0133254726).plg lmbt esk pg.maceh... :D

nota tapak kaki : sronok lepak bersama mereka.(a'ai and naan.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pada kamu yg bernama 'lelaki itu'.

saya rindu kamu kejut saya pagi-pagi subuh.

saya rindu kamu msg saya tanpa henti.

saya rindu kamu webcam sama saya dan tunggu saya tidur.

saya rindu kamu tanya pada saya gambar apa mau letak di FB as profile picture.

saya rindu comment2 sama kamu di FB.

saya rindu mau nyanyi-nyanyi jerit-jerit sama kamu.

saya rindu fasa-fasa pelik kamu.

saya rindu mau jalan2 sama kamu di putrajaya dari masjid besi sampai jmbatan souk.

saya rindu suara kamu di telefon.

saya rindu saat2 kamu telefon saya guna telefon rumah kamu.

saya rindu mau tengok nombor kamu naik di telefon saya.

saya rindu mau ke arcade sama kamu.

saya rindu mau ada reward sama kamu setiap kali selepas habis test.

saya rindu kamu cakap "yakin?"

saya rindu kamu panggil saya "yunk..","sayang.."

saya rindu kamu suka main tukar2 jaket sama saya.

saya rindu tengok kamu blurr.

saya rindu semua....

saya rindu kamu...

e n d

nota tapak kaki : ini bukan aku punye.curik2 from sumone's blog.haha.

love is not a competition (but i'm winning)

dis post has nothing to do wit the title.

to u..
if u think i am competing to get watever u think i wanted..u're 200% wrong.
i just live my life to the max.
i dun care bout anyone except my family n friends.
n i m completely happy wit my life.

e n d

p/s : today is the worst day of my life..non-stop action.since 11am.smpi now baru la ok sket.haih..thermo assignments dah siap.tx to man,fizi n ajim yg same2 perah otak buat thermo.haha.fluids lab wpun masuk lmbt 45mnts..n duduk dlm lab for about 15mnts tan ee san still okay..tx to amirul,k,fathin and otai yg tolong terang blk experiment tu.huhu.

Monday, January 4, 2010


we both know where we are heading..

m trying my level best to avoid those unnecessary things..

i used to have feelings for u..

but now..~~~..

it made me realize there are boundaries between us dat has to be taken into consideration..

m not urs anymore..n u r not mine..

if we were to give each other some time and build up everything dat's broken,i wanna do it properly..and i would like our relationship to be pure..

m sorry if i hurt u..

but for the first time ever..i think i made a good decision..

e n d

p/s : is it all about ______?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

kepenatan... (T_T)

i woke up in the morning..naa..not morning..tgh hari dah pn..
like 12 camtu..
been trying to get a gud nite sleep since last thursday..
last nite baru wish granted.sigh~~
bgn,brush my teeth,wash my oily face..urhhh..euuww~~
then beyba texted me.

"nk dtg buat kening!"

i replied..

"bole2!dtg skang!"

she came down(her house is just atas my house) then buat her eyebrow..

it took me like 1/2 jam gak la nk alter her kening.tebal!!!!haha.. (^_^)

after alter jap..beyba blk.then trus get ready 4 practice.
bertolak pkl 2.20 exact wit wan duwhere.

sampai je..

"step da tuka eyh more same routine 4 everybody..we're gona do it like those routines in celine dion live show in las vegas."

she were singing 'i surrender' mase tu.haih..
i know exactly how hard the routine's gona be.sigh~

pasrah je la~~haha..

and so the practice went on and on and on..

sampai kaki ni mcm dah butt pn same..pinggang pn..

pasrah lagi~~huhu..

i tried my okay last part tu was very very hard lah.ballet hbs.ngeh.aku da la fail nk lock kaki.hahahaha..

practice finished at 7.30pm.

i got back wit several injuries at my ankle and my nik pondan sepak n slh aku sndri terkena dinding.ngeh.

e n d

p/s : trying to get myself busy wit evrything.baru x pening2. (^_^)

nota tapak kaki : yesterday ***** called.haih~~..boy..u sucked..sigh~~aku xnk la kat ko...boring~~

sehari bersama lisya,beyba,dan new hair. (^_^)

it was n sya woke up at 12 noon.felt dizzy a bit but since sya keep on bugging me non stop,so i guess i'd better be bgn,mandi,brush my teeth,find the best shirt and jeans to fit in,and...walaaa~~we're off to KL.. (^_^)

me n sya at Delifrance sungei Wang.she's hungry like crazy..haha..but somehow i was terribly full.huhu..

beyba joined us last2 minute.dah lame x lepak wit dis makcik..sumtimes teringat balik my old's been a while since we last met.huhu.but then..all of a sudden..i was thinking of getting a new haircut.not a major haircut la..normal je..maybe trim..but then..suddenly sumthing pop-up in this dirty lil mind saying sumthing evil in dat imaginary bubble on top of my head.
n so..after a lil discussion wit beyba n sya..i decided to transform myself.ITS SHOW TIME!!!!!haha..
dis is before..

and....wallaaaa!!!!! (^_^)

Me,myself pn was very shocked wit the new me..but i like it.. :)
p/s : have to wake up as early as 2 hours before my class to actually set up evrythin kah?oh my gosh.
nota tapak kaki : there's a new place called GOSH.n d place is awesome!!!! :D
tx to my lisya n beyba..i had so much fun hanging out wit u girls.. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

hey hey hey..

happy new year fellas!!!
its already 2010..
gosh m 23 dah!haih~~
getting older day by day..
shud be thinking bout having botox later..hahaha...
mengarut je lebih.patut la x maju.ape la melayu. ;p
yg x pernah rajin..sama2 cuba jadi rajin..
yg x pernah solat cukup..sama2 cuba cukupkan..
yg x pernah ingat nk berjimat cermat esp shopping..sama2 jimat cermat..
yg x pernah appreciate evryone's existence in their lives..sama2 appreciate..
yg x pernah say 'i love u' to their parents..sama2 lah pasni..
yg x pernah segala2nya..yg positive sahaja ye..let us face all the incomings and lets have a fresh start!
its 2010 bebeh!
i'd say dis is a great start for a whole new incredibly enjoyful life!
p/s : sambutan di genting mmg meriah dgn syarat anda naek awal.we arrived at 9.30 i think.tu pn jamm,manny,zul and ammzar kesejukan mcm sial.feels like living in antartic.haha..