Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ego is GOLD?

Q : why are men so ego centered?
A : i duno n it's freaking weird!

Q : does ego make men more masculine?
A : err..maybe?

Q : m i tired?
A : i dun think so.not yet.kot~~

Q : is holding on to ego something cool?
A : it depends on the situation.

Q : n what is exactly my situation now?
A : do i really have to answer dis?

Q : u think u're in the wrong side?
A : a big NO!

Q : then why is he not texting u?
A : ..............

Q : do u think he regrets?
A : i hope so..

end of Q and A

i had my 10km run again at Putrajaya legs are having hard times catching up with the new pace n they're in so much pain now.sigh~~~i need some music to cheer me up while m much will it cost to have one of that?(tgk gamba ats)maybe it's a bit dangerous mase training at putrajaya mlm2 kan..but it's great if i have one of those on the marathon day at penang!i shud ask Boss some money! :D
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