Friday, January 7, 2011

movie night with heroes acting without heads.

It's Thursday nite n i was really2 bored.(slh ke grammar?abaikan.)

so I called my incik mate sepet n kurus,ajak him go watch a movie.At first, we were thinking of watching FASTER.ala...the movie yg ada the rock tu.but then x jd coz i saw something that has a lil more taste of awesomeness!haha.tgk bawah!

owh abang Nic..How i miss u so much!haha....troubles buying the tix was 'great'. so i decided to just go there n try my was at 12am..try2 dpt plak.berbaloi i asked incik mata sepet to switch the car mode to racing mode ala2 battle gear tp without drift la of course.haha..

we're very hungry esp incik mata sepet malangnye all hotdogs n stuffs tggu msk lame la..he's not that patient to wait so no hotdogs for the nite.

normal la kan sometimes watching movie without munching anything in ur mouth.yg x normal nye mlm td was......that STU_ _ _ person who's incharged for the technical part did NOT played his role.

ade ke patut almost 80% of the movie..i have to suffer watching all the actor's head been 'cut' off. come on la weh.if u're doin ur job up there,u should've notice it.btul x?nmpk sgt!muke org sme nmpk paruh je sbb si technician tu setting first,it was ok.chinese subtitle je yg ke bwh sket.almost xle baca la jugak.then dia naikkan trus jd sparuh kepala nic.sampai la end of the movie.annoying!!!!

haih~~&^&%*&%(*(*(* btul!

but all in all,Nic is still the best.must watch this jgn tgk kt times square ye.dah la workers die nk comment on that part.maybe he's the only who acted like a jerk.heh.

so u think i shud give u guys some clue pasal movie ni?ok la.ada witch.byk witch.see pix above,u guys caye ke die witch?haha~~ ;p

plague and scary faces throughout the movie.gross dowh~byk scene terkejut gak.NICE!

see those bird masks they're wearing?I was curious so i search for the info on google.haha.They were the masks used by doctors when visiting area with black plague. They believed that the shape of those masks would prevent them from catching it.

so overall...the movie was cool.--------------------------- (8/10) two thumbs UP! ;)
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