Thursday, December 15, 2011

a letter to a "she"

This is when i started blogging again.when my heart is crushed into pieces.when the whole thing is tumbling down on the ground,the blood spill all over the face,with the pride i've lost,i lost my faith in u.

i gave u everything i had when all i wanted was a true bond.I gave u my pride,my joy,my happiness,all that i could to see u stand on ur own feet.i gave u my shoulders each time ur tears drop.

all that i gave in, all i get now is a fake bond, torn up in pieces.

I hope i can hang on to whatever i've been hanging on to all these while. But i was wrong. My heart is full with disappointment, knowing that life could be so cruel, even with u in my heart and I cant seem to find another way out. 

The pain u caused makes me weep and bleed. 

I wish u'd be the one that I seek until my time has come. But I was wrong. 

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