Sunday, September 12, 2010

raya activity saye! ^^

woke up at 8 something on the first day of raya.not in the mood for it actually.if i could just continue my dream,it would've been better.i din get enuf sleep okay!tx to our new bibik who is completely clueless about the's okay..she's still in the learning phase..'s my first day of raya?i would say hurm...normal.nothing great except for the car that i drove mase g convoi raya.hee..i was the happiest person when dad asked me to drive another car since estima and any other cars were fully lg ye...alaa...tgk je la gamba. :)

pagi usual..excited for the family pictures. ;p
oh2.this year's theme is black!combined with gold,black,brown eyeshadow.weweet!

look up!it's a fan! -_-" x ready lg ni..

my sisters and my one and only brother..

let's hope that one day he'll be as charming,as slim as,as tough as rafael nadal shall we? ;p

we started our convoi at 5pm.tgk gamba atas,that's the 2nd house.i ate a lot.esp the cornflakes tasted awesome!!!!

we were a bit confused.was that a sheep? yea i think so.(taken masa otw to the 3rd house)

the first day of raya was a real raya.when it comes to the 2nd day,i dun feel like raya already.everything seems normal,no celebration,no convoi,no ketupat.but somehow,my dad brought us to the thai restaurant for dinner.well that was quite interesting coz i've never been there.

the place was very clean and comfortable,perfect for 10 person.

popia kapun ka..nah..that's not the name.i just made it's thailand can i remember.heh.

my dad ordered a lot.the ayam madu pun very nice.mlas nk upload..

dis is not meant to eat ye.just for decoration.hehe.if u wanna try this,search for Kings Hotel. ;) price is not that expensive.affordable.

my 3rd day of raya which is today is not that funky to be published here..eheh.there are some of my dad's friend coming over and they've been here since 9pm just now.bile nk blk?i've absolutely no idea. -_-"

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