Saturday, November 6, 2010

if i could turn back time...

hye peeps! it's been a while kan? biasa la..finals.i barely touched my fb's notifications pn.haha.hbs2 je exam trus curi dina's broadband since i couldn't fine mine.hehs..arh cut the crap.jom cerita2.if dah rasa mcm boring utk teruskan's okay..i fhm..hehe.... ;p

so how was my finals?


my last paper,heat was a major disaster.everyone ended up eating ice cream right after that horrifying moment kat MPH.haha!control was a lot better i guess.huuu.....

so things were great after finals.we went out shishaing n boraking at castle til 4am,karaoke at JJ balakong,watched RED at alamanda,had our sizzling lamb legs at austin..pergh~~

n now m home.b4 balik,nangis mcm ape.i think u know what i mean.lame kot cuti.3 weeks almost.definitely i'll be missing him kan...haish...i love u.ok2.dah2.

so here i am.HOME.

when i reached home yesterday,my room has been taken.fed up sbb each time i get back,there's awez sum1 who's in my room.guest room is upstairs but majority of the visitor are women age ranged yea..officially...i moved to a new room.the guest room is now mine.i dun quite like the room so much compared to my room.but i think it's least it's my own decision and i dun have to move up every time my mum tells me about having guest.haha.

so here i am.mua NEW ROOM.

tonite mcm byk nyamuk pulak.since he's very bz with his game,so i mls nk kacau tonite,feels like sharing something.

there're several things that i regret when i think about my old days.

firstly..i let go my YTN just like that.da taw da kena tarik pocket money,i still main2,x pnah terfikir pn pasal having difficulties on fees later masa degree.last2..PAMA solution nye.haih~~~wat a waste. stuck wit stupid guy who gave me false stupid i was to just wait 4 him whereby i knew he's not the one.the worst part was,i turn my back againts all my frens who supported me all the way when i was having troubles wit him.sigh~~

thirdly..cigarette.been trying to put a stop's F***in hard!wish i never had that first try. hair.i wish i could turn back time when my hair was totally original without chemicals in it.b4 this,anythin in the magazine,new hairdo,msti i eager gila g saloon,then change my hair.straight la.chinese cut la.curl la.rebond la.relaxing la.u name it.

#5..couldn't mention here.only my dear frens knew it.stupid!!stupid!!!arh!! point regretting rite..rite now,my life is almost perfect.almost ye.for the fees,i've already told my mum n dad,pape yg dipinjam,i would pay em back as soon as i get my first salary.of course la bkn lump sum kan.huhu.4 d guy part,my frens asked me have i found my mr right?i said yes. :)

cigarette??working on it. :|

my hair?it's totally original now but of course it's not dat shiny xpe..lame2 ok la tu. :)

the #5,totally not having it anymore.yeay!

bila fikir2's not that gave u somethin terrible in the beginning to teach u how to survive n learn the nature of living.kan? ;)

e n d
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