Tuesday, November 9, 2010

something that's not to be missed!!! :D

i hope u got bright eyes to see n read n understand it.coz i find it interesting.n there are advantages for women if such device is invented in the market.haha!!!read more folks! :D

if this were to be in market...points that are about to be listed will logically happen! :D

  • there'll be no such thing as "Oh gosh..I've always been wit the wrong ones..." ;D
  • crime scene should be less. :D
  • u won't get cheated.
  • if a salesman/woman try to sell something not in good quality,we would know it.kan?
it'd be nice if i have one of this.but life'd be so perfect n u'll get bored with it since there're no challenges n ups n downs.boringnye!!!

the mistakes that u did,come together with a lesson,but it comes later though.but hey,it's a lesson still.kan?? :)

a person said to me once.

"why be a perfectionist?be someone who live with mistakes."

i said "huh?"

he added "but not too much mistakes n not on purpose lah....."


e n d

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