Wednesday, February 2, 2011

is this true?or girls are just full of dramas?

early stage of a relationship

i call this spring season.

  • he calls u evryday, xpn almost everyday.
  • he text u even when he's in the toilet, having his shower.
  • he cancel off every plan he has with his boys just to go for a boring chat with u at putrajaya
  • he says i love u like 100x a day.
  • he doesn't complaint much about u.
  • each second spent with u would make him sleep with a smile on his face.
  • he would invite u to every plans he has during the weekends.
byk actually if i nk list down.but u urself already know how was it to have those blooms during early stage kan?mcm dlm gamba kt bwh ni.

after a date, sengih x lekang.n once u reached home, u'd definitely wait for him to text u.cmni je pn dah cukup.

"hye.. :)"


then sambung plak msg smpi la tetido.the next morning bgn lg...the first thing u wanna do is to text him.also as simple as this.

"morning.. :)"


for me,things have been goin on pretty good with my bf.of course la got ups n downs jugak..but seldomly la..not as bad as last time..those who read my blog since dulu taw la kot.haha.bodohnye dulu.

boring stage already?

i called this winter season.

he's too busy with everything.
even a simple question will spoil his mood.
'when r we gonna get married?' is just a joke.


p/s : this is just a post.not more than that.if anyone nk share their comment.girls n boys. :)


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