Sunday, May 13, 2012

One of the most inspiring Malaysian



i know i know..its kinda late for an entry.but i'm really in the mood of posting something.hehe..

as u guys know,in life, there are people who love to have and to be so called


i've been enjoying Ini Anwar Hadi channel on Youtube recently. And i thought he's supercool. at first, i thought

"nah,just another typical vlogger"

But i was wrong. He is truly an awesome guy who has a simply interesting point of views in almost every video.i dont think i'm even 10% like him.i love vlog and blog of course.but i just dont have it. So i just stick to my job.haha!

The question is :

Do u,ladies and gents,have haters?i bet u do.well,as far as i'm inspired, i think i have pretty good skills to handle em.not to say that i am a really good pretenders or what not.but really..u just need to bear this in mind;

"dont hate haters for what they did.they just dont get the idea of "i'm living my own life" yet.

Now thts interesting. Rite? What an inspiring nite. Owwwwww i want to be just like him soooo bad!'s thats to much.

Okay.thats all for now. Check out Anwar hadi's vids on youtube just in case u r still not inspired by anything yet. Hehe.

Salam. ;)
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