Sunday, May 13, 2012

New way of cleaning ur hands

How do u clean up ur hands? As for me, soap is the only solution. i dont really believe in wipes or any lubricants by Dettol like we have in markets. i believe u guys heard of it. Now what's wrong with soap or handwash we are using? Nothing's wrong with it isn't it? It's just the way we use it is wrong. Tell me now, how long does it take u to wash ur hands? 1mnt? 1 second? 2 mnts? As for me, i would say, hurm......... 4seconds MAX! Haha.. Maybe u'd think of saying this : "enough already..wat's with the numbers anyway, screw em....i wash my hands everyday!wats wrong with u man??" u i been told by my sister this morning. "kak, do u know about squid handwash?" Honestly, i was thinking about a bottle with squid on top of it.well it's not totally wrong. I did gain some marks answering my lil sis's question. Google 'squid hand wash' or 'squid soap' then u know.hehe So wat's so amazing about this squiddy soapy thingy? 1. It Is an ink form type of handwash. 2. Once u apply, the ink won't wash off until 25-30 seconds of scrubbing and cleaning ur hands. It's the time recommended by doctors for a clean hands result. Genius isn't it?do not worry.The ink itself is chemically safe for human's usage.hihi. I might go and buy one of u know where can i find it? :)
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