Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Sipadan Mabul (2nd day) Adventure

helo Sabah!helo Malaysia!

It's my second day here.and i had a blast.last nite was rough.hujan lebat.some tips for those who wish to stay here.keep ur shoes inside the room or else it'd be in the water the next day u wake usual,i'll give u guys some details about the things to do here and the cost info.ouh,before i forget,this is the place where u dont have to bring money g mn2 pun.each time u purchase anything,u'll be asked to sign and write down ur room number.the total amount purchased will be charged when u check out.brilliant enough? ;p okay jom take a tour with me.

1. What to do on ur 2nd day?
Firstly,watever u're paying for ur stay includes :
-snorkelling/diving package
-buffet for bfast,lunch,dinner
-other activities on the island(kayaking)

so u'll be expecting a snorkeling or diving trip on ur 2nd day.starts as early as 8am-2.30pm.for sipadan package,the dive sifu will bring u to 3 diving spots.

bonus details : food will be prepared for the trip and towels as well.

as for the gears,make sure to have ur gears ready at the jetty before 7.50.check gears with ur dive sifu.(sifu will introduce themselves to u on ur 1st day,during dinner)

It'll take u about 15mnts to get to Sipadan station for registration.if the waves are rough,20mnts.after registration,here comes the adventure!!!

u'll be served with foods and drinks after each diving dont worry of getting too tired okay? ;)

Tips : do not wear anything : studs,bracelet) or else u'll get the barracuda's attention.

: if the current kuat sangat,please wear ur life jacket.

:do not get panic when u see the super big fishes and big,dark cliff underneath.relax.they're not gonna bite u.

And the rest of the day continues admiring the ocean's turf and awesome fishes.(i saw 13 turtles,1 shark,2 barracudas,and millions of different kinds of fishes)

all in all,this is the best snorkeling experience thus far.i've been to some islands but nothing is better than Sipadan.thumbs up!well,now,enjoy the pictures!

P/s : dont have much pics for today.i'll upload more when i get home. ;)
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