Monday, June 4, 2012

My Sipadan Mabul (3rd day) Adventure


minta maaf lovely people.was quite busy since i came back from tonnes of work to settle.however,this is the final post for my sipadan trip.hopefully this wont be the last one. ;)

1.what to expect on ur last day at sipadan?
-enjoy ur last day bfast
menus are different try em!

-cycle to the other side of the island for a swim and jacuzzi
Pagi2 x ramai org pn swimming pool.just nice for u to have ur own sweet time there.hehe.the trees are all over as shades for a calm and cool environment.

-appreciate the moment left
well,since it's the last day in Sipadan..i took as many pictures as i could and breath the fresh air.not to forget the starfishes we saw masa air surut.hihi.oh.u can also feed the fish at the cafe.amek roti kt situ je.FOC!

Well...basically tu lah 3 hari i kat Sipadan.i enjoyed every bit of's some cost info for u guys :

For our 3 days and 2 nights package :
Rm2200.boat tour to snorkelling spot and gears are not included.(last post i ckp included kan?i slh.sorry. -_-)

i hope this wont be my last vacation to Sipadan.If u guys ada yg plan nk g,pls let me know or at least write about it yea! ;)

Enjoy the pictures!

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