Friday, November 13, 2009

if u think..

if u think m stupid..
u're WRONG

if u think m leaving u for HIM..
damn..u're RIGHT

if u think u're not worth it..
HELL yeah baby..u're damn RIGHT

if u think she's lucky to have u..think again..
u're not worth EVEN A PENY

if u think m gonna cry for u in my sleep..
u're just STUPID

if u think m gona wait for u to be ur lover..
well u're WRONG

if u think i have nobody to text with..
u're WRONG..i text him everysingle day

if u think i still have feelings for u..
i shud blow ur brains out..
coz i HATE u so much..

e n d

p/s : gile marah kan bnda alah ni..bgs2..seswai utk org2 emo x tentu psl cam aku..haha.. ;D
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