Saturday, June 26, 2010

ini baru TRUE GAY!!!

as next post will be gigantic!(indeed..)let's start.dun 4get to have ur plastic bags around.coz this post is gonna make u throw up.n m NOT joking.

FIFA fever has made my days a lil crazy than i could ever ever imagine.bersengkang mata boleh dikatakan everyday just to watch a match.Our fav place to have a nice teh tarik n live football match with a wide screen would be SB(Syed Bistro) at seri kembangan.Wat's so special la?mamak laen pn ada kan?oi dey..SB is a total diff.U can see people jumping up n down cheering like hell when a player scored!haha..siap arab ckp congrats lg kat aku bile Brazil menang.haha.

but seriously,it's the coolest place to watch football.. :)

oh.back to the main purpose of this post.dat nite,i was wit dayah je.match ape x okay..teh tarik superb.pleasant nite i shud say except for one thing.rite in front of us ade couple gay.oh wait.the whole gang(i mean his friends kat table tu sme) homo.beside em ada pengkid and a girl.must be her gf lah kan.yg laen tu pn x looked normal.but i dun wanna be i made a quick assumption that the rest are normal.

i was annoyed wit these gay people.mcm2 adegan ada.haih~~~


i got an idea.i shud snap some pictures.this could be large on my there u are.

taraa!!!geli??yucks??u name it.

muntah banyak tgk gamba neh.

this is the part when i forgot to turn off my flash.sotong!!!naseb baek x kantoi.but still..i think i kantoi myself already but they didn't seem to care..weirdo public scene ey...

they kissed..they hold hands together masa otw back from the toilet..wth man..even girls dun do that..urhhh...gross..

masa yg lupa nk turn off flash tu,everybody was lookin at me.malu there's a guy,arab tapped my shoulder.ingtkan apa.sekali..

arab : hey,m so sorry.just wanna ask u a favor.

me :'s okay.wat's up?

arab : can i have those pictures?

me speechless...krett..krett..

arab : dun worry.m straight.i just wan those pictures.not for other purpose that u're thinking of rite now.i just wana keep it 4 myself.

me : oh,they probably knew that i took their picture.i'd suggest u take those pictures after the match.

but at last,aku mintak email arab tu.n i emailed to him the next 2 days.he replied and i smiled once i read it. :) n i said this to myself..


ape nk jadi..dunia dah terbalik..makin byk tanda2 kiamat.tapi manusia termasuklah diri aku sendiri masih x sedar.sigh~~~renung2kan dan selamat beramal..hoho..

p/s : a 'friend' once told me stuffs about GAY.before everything changes,i tot he was rite.but now..i dun think so..
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