Monday, October 26, 2009

d day i fall in love is d day i was left to die..

dat evening..he called me..i tot he just wanna meet me like he used to..
so i waited for him at d guard..wearing my green blouse with dark jeans n dat yellow bag..
he came dat evening wit dat yellow shirt i gave him.he looked great!!! :)

i couldnt stop smiling.he looked at me with dat weird face.

"wat's wit dat smile baby?"

"nothing.m just happy to see u. :)"

"me too baby.. :)"

he drove n brought me to a place i've never been before..
he bought me a flower.chocs and everythin..oh i loved it!

it was a candle light dinner he promised me.Romantic yea?yea i know..

we ate..we talked..we danced to the music..

then we sat..he started to talk..

"baby..u know i love u.."

"yea i know..wat is it darl?"

"i know i did too many bad things n yet u're too kind to still accept me.."

"i'd say that as a step to a perfect relationship darl..u shouldn't say dat.."


"yea? "

he took out sumthing from his pocket.


"baby..i wan u to be mine til my very last breath.."

i looked at him..

"i'll be with u for the rest of my life,till the day i die.. :)"

e n d

p/s : my first paper is on 31st.

nota tapak kaki : post title is a bit ridiculous.

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