Thursday, October 1, 2009

LoVe OH LovE

Libra Love Horoscope

Libra - Libra

A love match of Librans means either a harmonious relationship or an unsuccessfull affair.Librans share considerable number of positive and negative qualities.The positive traits will make then feel bliss and the negative ones will result in annoyance.

Cancer - Libra

A pair of cancer and Libra does not make an ideal love match.Cancerians are whimsical and moody and at times difficult to handle.Librans in other hand,carry and attitude of detachment and are least bothered about the Cancerian's need for emotional security.

Capricorn - Libra

A Capricorn and Libra relationship may take either course.The duo can either make a most romantic match or their relationship may end into a state of dissappoinment.Their relationship depends on their readiness to make adjustments in life.

Gemini - Libra

A pair of Gemini and Libra makes a great compatible match.Similarities in their personality,characteristics and qualities help them build an interesting rapport.They are gregarious and outgoing people by nature.

Leo - Libra

Leo and Libra make a good love match.Their contrasting as well as similar traits help then towards building a long-lasting relationship.They can expect happiness and fun in their future.

Aries - Libra

Libra and Aries are completely different from each other. "Opposite attracts" might be said when these two absolutely different zodiac signs come together.However,a successful relationship can be expected, if certain adjustments are made from both the ends.

Pisces - Libra

Librans and Pisceans have major characteristics differences.But some of the common traits such as love for entertainment,harmony,art,affection,romance and beauty,in both of them can make up for dissimilarities and work wonders.

Sagittarius - Libra

Libra and Sagittarius make a harmonious relationship.Both of them are understanding and have certain likes and dislikes in common.The duo will enjoy a good time together.

Scorpio - Libra

This is a nice love match.Libran and Scorpios complement each other well.If one is wearied out,the other can breathe life into it.Their match is a balanced one and can bring happiness in relationship,if little attention is given.
Taurus - Libra

A Taurus and Libra do not make a compatible or even absolutely mismatched pair.To make their relationship long-lasting,they need to work it as their nature and attitude differ greatly.

Aquarius - Libra

An Aquarius and a Libra make a compatible love match.Their personalities are identical and their area of interest is also similar.Both of them are gregarious and love their independence and freedom.They realize the need for space of the other and this very element leads to a successful relationship between the two.

p/s : cpt!cari match anda sekarang.ahaha.. ;D

nota tapak kaki : i like the Scorpio - Libra match! so cool! :D can breathe life eyh..ahahha..
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