Friday, October 30, 2009

sudah la...

i'm giving u wat u want kan?

wat more do u want from me?

aku dah bg everything.aku undur diri..x cukup????

pls understand yg aku bkn nk musuh tp dis is the only way yg aku xkn kacau idup ko dah..

i swore..remember??

i can never accept d fact of her existence whenever m with u..n u couldn't ignore her no matter wat.there's no reason to ignore her at all rite?

so now that m gone...u can do watever u want..u can be with her without having trouble hiding it from me..

aku akan lari jauh..jauh dari hidup kamu..

mcm yg kamu kate... "i couldn't see us TOGETHER."

itu pn dah cukup...cukup bg aku..

so wat's d point of staying?

haih~if u can see...d reason we faught is dat *****.

pnah ke gado sbb laen?mestilah x...

so xpelah..xpe..each time i messed up,its her u would run to..

tu pn dah cukup nk tunjuk evrythin..

so goodbye.i've had enough dah.cukup.

e n d

p/s : why is dis happening?ramai2 manusia..why u????

nota tapak kaki : jgn kamu dtg lg coz we both know dat dis ***** thingy can never stop being the thick wall between us two as u can never leave her for good..
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