Sunday, February 14, 2010

a post is another freakin,useless,unforgiven,emotional post.

no 1 : saya sudah ada di rumah sekarang ni.

no 2 : i gain weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no 3 : i read sumone's blog not to mention sape la kan.but lucky me..xd rasa skt hati pn.i know she's a person yg mmg ske exaggerate.hahaha..

no 4 : saya lega sebab td curhat2 sama mama.saya dah btaw mama evrythin.i mean it!evrythin.mama was a bit yea.m gona follow her advice coz she's my mum kan..haih..

no 5 : things have been messy lately.m starting to destroy evrythin dat i ever built.haih.

no 6 : mama said,a guy who don't prefer a serious relationship is a guy u shud be avoiding rite now.

no 7 : mama bagi sunglasses baru!!!!!i loike!! :D

no 8 : ade bisnes baekkk punya.satu minggu can get RM700.huuu...

no 9 : kucing mama dah bunting 2 ekor.weee!!!!nnt anak dah ada bole jual!muahahaha..

no 10 : dis monday ade bowling family.wee....

e n d

p/s : someone once told me."they can't blaim us 4 being paranoid bcoz they're the ones who break our trust!"

nota tapak kaki : aku dah jumpe class hairstyling.2 weeks for RM1000.class boleh pilih sndri.worth it atau tidak?
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