Monday, August 30, 2010

another one?oh come on!!!!!!!!

i woke up as early as 5am for my sahur.

ate the nasi with fish curry,squid,and ikan bilis.

print nuruz's eis proposal

and continue studying for my heat test.(he called and we talked on the phone for like 30 mnts b4 i could start my revision. -_-")

test at
8am at mujibbur's room.

i got there at
7.45am(never been earlier than that)

he showed up at
7.55am with the 'alamak2.she's here!' face.

n this is what he said to me :

MJB : nazira.minta maaf la saya lupa beritahu ya.ada 2 lagi student yg enggak bisa hadiri make up test.ya saya enggak mau lah jika terpaksa habiskan masa sampe 2 kali untuk make up test.saya sudah fikirkan mau postpone ke hari khamis gitu.sori ya nazira.

me : (i wish i could say _____!!!!)okay sir..dun worry bout it..

MJB : saya benar2 lupa mau beritahu kamu.minta maaf ya.kita jumpa khamis ya sekali sama yg mau ambil make up test machine design ya.

me : alrite sir...

so i walked away "calmly"..walked towards my car,n now,here i am.HEADACHE!


moral of the story : prepare urself for the unexpected.


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