Friday, August 27, 2010

dis is gona be long~~ -_-"

okay..first of all..m forcing myself to give myself some time to actually update my own blog.recent post was like a month ago.and each time nk was like writing down an essay.but still...m creating new!

to make ur life easier..m gonna divide this post into several parts.

enjoy! ;)

Part 1 : Things i enjoyed b4 puasa time.

awal bulan 8 aritu..nuruz called and asked me if i was interested in joining the bowl comp.UNITEN je pn he said.I sucked when it comes to bowling.I remember the first time i played bowling.ngn Mahkota Parade,Melaka.dayah bola ke belakang.aku bola ke atas.FANTASTICO!haha!

back to the comp,aku ajak dayah,nur and beyba to join me.since dayah bkn student UNITEN,so she needed some help.I'll tell u why we went for practice(semangat kan?)at warta.jgn terkejut.warta mmg ada tmpt bowling and it's awesomely CHEAP!

practice time ni.mmg smangat.haha!

so the next day was the competition.cuak?not really?i was laughing at myself when i got there.dis is gona be interesting.bola bola..longkang longkang~~but hey..he challenged could i not win this?i had my girlfriends wit me...n it's gona be fun. ;)

they arranged the lanes for us,n he's in my lane.did i feel threatened?

diorg pn same lane.. ;)

3 frames played n we are soooooooo excited to know the result.i might be kinda show off but here's the result.eheh. :

me : no7
dayah : no11 kot???(can't remember bebi.sowi.huhu)
beyba : no13 kot??

i won lah nuruz!u lose!
but i still love u!PEACE! ;p

the girls..u guys rock!!
sporting hbs!!!

it was quite an experience..i never played in a tournament's my luck i guess~ ;)


Moral of the story : do not afraid to accept challenges and DO NOT underestimate urself.

Part 2 : she's about to be somebody's wife.

she's engaged... :)

n how beautiful is that?

congrats babe...kawen nnt jgn lupe jemput..hehe..

all the STFians yg ade..
p/s : dayah kn bahan sbb baju meriah mcm die plak yg tunang.hehe.


Moral of the story : do not wear something more attractive than the bride!

PART 3 : Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

one thing for sure..i AM obsessed!obsessed ape?COOKING!

no matter how late i matter how tired i am...still nk get home quickly and cook weird is that..heh~i duno..maybe the food is much2 cleaner compared to foods outside? :D indeed~~~

my first ikan tenggiri masak lemak cili api.

my first onde2

ni dah byk kali dah.

my first time n i duno wat is dis called.heh.

Satu bnda yg aku cuba buat during dis fasting month.see dis picture?my profile photo kat FB sme wajib bertudung!kerek eyh?watever...i love it!

some of classmates said i looked like a foreigner but smaller version of em.
pasrah aje la..

sepanjang bulan puasa ni..most of the time,i sometimes tu mcm teringin mcm2 kan...since m running out of money,kn saving jugak la actually(ni sme gara2 dpt gaji trus joli.heh).so certain2 time je berbuka di luar.

i bot salmon,he bot meatballs and swedish cake and caramel pudding.
owh,surau IKEA mase nk maghrib x sepack alamanda n that made our lives easier.

the second time we went there 4 buka puasa was last week.but this time,i bot pasta.vegetarian pasta.dat was my first pasta ever.n it tasted gooood~~eheh..pasni bole order lg. :D

yg ni..mmg mkn semakan2nya.papa aka epul ajak buka kt ctu.aku bwk dayah skali.pemeriah situasi.hehe.we ordered ikan siakap 3 msk sweet sour,udang butter,tomyam.
TOTAL : RM23++

if u prefer buffet package,that will cost u Rm28.

all the fellas who came for buka puasa.that little one is areesha.mata bulat sebijik mcm bapak die.hoho.


more updates on buka puasa later.


moral of the story : do not spend too much money 4 buka puasa.

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