Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Move Past a Bad Relationship

So u're in a bad srelationship and now it's over.Well relationships are never really over them.Getting over an old flame is one of the hardest thing u may ever have to do cause it means letting go of what ur used to and step forward into the unknown.Moving on is challenging and many tears will fall,but know that ur heart will mend and u'll feel whole again.

Step 1 :

SAYING ENUF IS ENUF!AND UNDERSTAND WHY U DESERVE BETTER.rite now at the beginning of ur break up all u may wanna do is rehash bout all the good times u had while asking urself. "wHAT WENT WRONG?" But what u need to do is look at the relationship for how it was in the end.What were the reasons the relationship ended?FInd out for the fact how long things have been wrong.

Step 2 :

Write down all the reasons u believe it's time to move on.List all the times ur partner LIED to u,said things to put u down, or abused u in any way. Make sure to note how it made u feel and the times u carried. This list will help u move 4ward and past this broken heart u carry.

Step 3 :

Now it's time to get rid of the relationships all together.This will be the hardest step of all,so have support such as best friend or family members to help u.CUt,burn,shred,trash, or sell any/all pictures,clothing,stuffed animals,items that remind u of ur EX and the "GOOD TIMES".This will keep u from falling back into the "BAD TIMES"

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p/s : to my ayunk..esp meem..dis is specially dedicated to u.. :)
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