Wednesday, January 6, 2010

love is not a competition (but i'm winning)

dis post has nothing to do wit the title.

to u..
if u think i am competing to get watever u think i wanted..u're 200% wrong.
i just live my life to the max.
i dun care bout anyone except my family n friends.
n i m completely happy wit my life.

e n d

p/s : today is the worst day of my life..non-stop action.since 11am.smpi now baru la ok sket.haih..thermo assignments dah siap.tx to man,fizi n ajim yg same2 perah otak buat thermo.haha.fluids lab wpun masuk lmbt 45mnts..n duduk dlm lab for about 15mnts tan ee san still okay..tx to amirul,k,fathin and otai yg tolong terang blk experiment tu.huhu.
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