Wednesday, January 27, 2010


here is wat we're gonna do

1. have dat distance back which i used to have when my heart broke.

2. bare in my mind dat no one can make me happy except ME.

3. DO NOT wait for anybody's name to pop-up on the phone's screen.(its easier if i turn it off.haha)

4. DO waste my time searching for weird things for my blog (e.g googling)

5. say this to myself.. "argh...screw dis!i dun need anybody..."

6. i shud NOT imagine my good times wit __________

7. i have dis whole week at home..sya's coming n i shud feel great coz m gona spend great times wit my family.

8. keeping myself refreshed of those shit dat happened makes me feel a lot better without __________

9. i shud talk to mama about evrything.(this is tough.but m gona do it.)

10.bare in mind. "frenz shud act like real frenz"

e n d

p/s : getting too atached makes me feel like shit.

nota tapak kaki : dah jumpe template best.bile lagi ni?
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