Sunday, January 3, 2010

sehari bersama lisya,beyba,dan new hair. (^_^)

it was n sya woke up at 12 noon.felt dizzy a bit but since sya keep on bugging me non stop,so i guess i'd better be bgn,mandi,brush my teeth,find the best shirt and jeans to fit in,and...walaaa~~we're off to KL.. (^_^)

me n sya at Delifrance sungei Wang.she's hungry like crazy..haha..but somehow i was terribly full.huhu..

beyba joined us last2 minute.dah lame x lepak wit dis makcik..sumtimes teringat balik my old's been a while since we last met.huhu.but then..all of a sudden..i was thinking of getting a new haircut.not a major haircut la..normal je..maybe trim..but then..suddenly sumthing pop-up in this dirty lil mind saying sumthing evil in dat imaginary bubble on top of my head.
n so..after a lil discussion wit beyba n sya..i decided to transform myself.ITS SHOW TIME!!!!!haha..
dis is before..

and....wallaaaa!!!!! (^_^)

Me,myself pn was very shocked wit the new me..but i like it.. :)
p/s : have to wake up as early as 2 hours before my class to actually set up evrythin kah?oh my gosh.
nota tapak kaki : there's a new place called GOSH.n d place is awesome!!!! :D
tx to my lisya n beyba..i had so much fun hanging out wit u girls.. :)

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