Sunday, January 3, 2010

kepenatan... (T_T)

i woke up in the morning..naa..not morning..tgh hari dah pn..
like 12 camtu..
been trying to get a gud nite sleep since last thursday..
last nite baru wish granted.sigh~~
bgn,brush my teeth,wash my oily face..urhhh..euuww~~
then beyba texted me.

"nk dtg buat kening!"

i replied..

"bole2!dtg skang!"

she came down(her house is just atas my house) then buat her eyebrow..

it took me like 1/2 jam gak la nk alter her kening.tebal!!!!haha.. (^_^)

after alter jap..beyba blk.then trus get ready 4 practice.
bertolak pkl 2.20 exact wit wan duwhere.

sampai je..

"step da tuka eyh more same routine 4 everybody..we're gona do it like those routines in celine dion live show in las vegas."

she were singing 'i surrender' mase tu.haih..
i know exactly how hard the routine's gona be.sigh~

pasrah je la~~haha..

and so the practice went on and on and on..

sampai kaki ni mcm dah butt pn same..pinggang pn..

pasrah lagi~~huhu..

i tried my okay last part tu was very very hard lah.ballet hbs.ngeh.aku da la fail nk lock kaki.hahahaha..

practice finished at 7.30pm.

i got back wit several injuries at my ankle and my nik pondan sepak n slh aku sndri terkena dinding.ngeh.

e n d

p/s : trying to get myself busy wit evrything.baru x pening2. (^_^)

nota tapak kaki : yesterday ***** called.haih~~..boy..u sucked..sigh~~aku xnk la kat ko...boring~~
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