Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MEPB334 part 1 (nuruz's camera)

readers..dis is the first part.pix from my fren,nuruz.its his next post will be uploaded with pictures taken by che wan and ajim.
Our 4days and 3 nights vacation ended up great!wpun ade certain2 part yg not really good to chew..but we took it as the most valuable experience ever.police,torchlights,mr potato,mcm mane?bagaimane?ulang blk!,harapan palsu,gecko aka gayko and etc..m gonna miss long beach..the small path in the forest that we took to get to the long mosquito repellent,my mopiko,the stars which were so bright at nite,the sunset,the sharks,the nemos,soft coral and everything.haih~~~too much to type nih.hahaa..
enjoy the pix fellas!!!! (^_^)
hey2...wait2!!!tgk gamba2 ni dari bwh ke atas ye...saye dah siap upload!hahaha...sowi~~ :)
our last day at perhentian or shud i say senja bay..
cuba teka ketam ni besar mane.hahah

i think dis is the last picture of us at long beach.huhu.

che wan...hahahahaa... ;D

di blakang kami adalah long beach!

ke long beach lg.

orang2 tua.hoho..
lepas snorkelling seko2 xmo klh.lepak minum lg.pergh~~mase cappucino terbaik wokk!!!!

akibat sunblock che wan yg super duper hebat marbelesssoooooohhh,muke fizi jadi kelabu asap.hahahaa!!!!!

romantic beach.

singgah kat kg nelayan for lunch after 3 tmpt snorkelling.after dis ade 2 lg.light house dgn romantic beach.uuuu~~~~hahahaha..

swimming without life jacket was much more easier...siyes..

scuby aka sbuby cuak ikan dtg byk.haha..

kt taman laut perhentian

yeeeehhaaaa!!!mau g snorkelling!!!

testing2 camera same tuan punya camera.

sampai dah kat perhentian kecil!!!!!woohooo!!!!

nawan dah x thn sgt...kt ctu je la yg ade..sian die..hahha. ;D

on our way to perhentian.sempat lg encik nuruz snap2 pix from our car.haha
tx 4 reading..more pix coming wit more details!!!

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