Sunday, May 8, 2011

the bloom~


yesterday nite was the best nite ever.he took me for a movie and late dinner at's our 1st anniversary anyway.coincidence,faiz(adik afiq dom)'s band perform kt sana.walaupun we all sesat n byr tol yg sama sampai 4 kali,that would be RM8 btw,tetap kuatkan semangat to go to switchblade.hoho.

the place is nice,comfortable,meriah.sesuai utk dijadikan port lepak for every sat nite.ehhehe.

waiting for the our lamb rack to show up.comel la tu?haha.

this is our lamb rack.dah tersentuh sket,baru teringt nk amek gamba.haha.luckily baru mkn sket.owh the price is 36.80 kot.x ingt.

we tot this won't be enuf.slh la.kenyang dow.hoho

faiz wearing the grey shirt.he's a definitely cool when it comes to his solo...clean gile maen.5 stars for you man! :)

so the nite ended with a lil chat wit the band members,a song by ME,hehe...and 'cool' sore throat.not to mention the flu.haih~xtaw la bile nk baek.
so the next anniversary would be at the other restaurant,i hope so..hehe.thank you dear.i love you so much. :)
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