Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wat a weekend!!! (part 2)

remember the first part?now here comes part 2! :)

after dinner,we went to GSC Alamanda to watch movie.Thought of watching Pirates of Carribean but couldn't make it.biasalah.full.full as in FULL.xd 1 seat pn yg tggl.nice we decided to watch other movie.insidious sounds mysterious so we fell righteous to watch insidious.haha.heck.

the poster pn dah mcm scary.but i thot it won't be that scary.alaa.typical horror movies la kot ni.haha...

but i was WRONG.

i can't even look at this picture mase m creating this post.demmit.

this old lady...she scared the heel outta me.demmit!!!!

these are among the screenshots.have fun watching it.comments?

u guys shud watch this movie.
my bf pn tekejut2 tutup mata.haha.
suspense all the time termasuklah siang hari.
n i was so scared nk blk rumah dat nite.hahahaha!
total stars = 8/10
good movie!

reviews from me je ni.try la tgk sndri if nk taw kn.hehe...

tx 4 reading.
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