Monday, May 23, 2011

wat a weekend!!! (part 1)

hello..weekend has been amazing.

we went to Black Canyon Alamanda for dinner.something new.never been there before and we only meet once a kn la special sket.hehe.We ordered steaks since there's a promotion goin on.any orders of steak,u'll get free chicken or corn soup!hoorah! :)

so here's wat we ate yesterday nite.

this is fish steak.cost = RM 18.
worth it.delicious.ingtkn last,perut dah full.haha. ;p

mr Nuruz ordered beef steak.the dish has its special name but i totally,2 chicken soups for the nite!peace! :) oh.the price?
u might think the steak is quite not underestimate the size.tebal steak dia i tell you.hoho.

chicken soups were nice.. :)

so here comes the dessert.above is coffee banana ice blended with cream on top.price? RM8.50.comments?em..not bad.. :)

this is ice cream.nice!!price? RM8.90

he was really sweet.. :)
total up everything around RM66.80 and our stomach were tight as a pregnant woman.haha.
worth it?oh yes.will i come again??hurm..
i'll think bout it..coz it's gona cost us quite a lot.hehe...skali skala bole la... :)

okay...will update more on part 2.

love u all!tx 4 reading!


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