Sunday, May 8, 2011


ni special post for sumone2.

sumone A : i'm too lazy,i hve a thick skull and difficulty to understand wat's behind every misterious words that came out from ur speak out loud and let me know wat's wrong or else we both would be in deepest cut.

sumone B : people made mistakes and i admit that m the one who is having a hard time wit the S word.but m still not saying it if u don't realize ur mistakes first.coz from my point of view,wat u did was more shitty than wat i did.n to make it even worse,u did it when i(or shud i say me n her) was not here.i know that i wasn't supposed to be this mad at you.but i wish u could understand the limits here and there.there are some limits.n i think i shouldn't trust u nomore.the best way is to keep silence and have some boundaries.some distance shud be ok.not like last time.coz looking at the mess u've done,i'd rather have myself in a prison rather than spending my time with people who don't know where their limits are.

p/s : wpun x kena btg idung sndri lg,i'd better watch out.risau gile klo cmni.tah hape plak yg bole jd.huh.
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