Monday, May 17, 2010

pets = friends

credits to asiela and her friend who published this vid on their blog.


i had a guinea pig once.named Luffy.hurm,Luffy dah mati dah.i wasn't there when he was struggling to death.lisya je ade.siap record lg.think something wrong wit the internal system.maybe sbb air x bersih ke..or the food given x seswai ke..i duno.i wathed the video yg lisya record n it was effin terrible.i watched it like 20secs je.enuf la..kesian gile kot.

a week or less..Luffy's gf died..lisya bot the gf bile tah since luffy cam bosan kan sorg2.The gf msk cage je lompat2 si Luffy jerit2 "yeay!!ade gf baru!" haih~~diorg ske maen kejar2 dlm cage pink tu.sedihnye.

so here is wat m gonna do.specially dedicated to Luffy n his Gf.

firstly,tag ini org2.(org yg anda mau x kire bp ramai)

  1. nandayo
  2. dayahgogo
  3. asiela
  4. amy
  5. mastot
  6. afra yuri
  7. sasha
  8. emy
  9. paan sengal
  10. zulnyah
  11. izzati mastor
  12. bobby
  13. ayya

and anwer these question :

1.WHo are those guys listed?

2.Pls write out the most memorable things u had with the 1st person on the list.

3.Do you know the person who tagged u?

4. If u do,pls write about him/her.But if u don't,tell em why.

5. If u could replace wafu and pafu with someone,who would it be?

e n d

p/s : sayu.. T_T

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