Wednesday, May 19, 2010

is it necessary!!!!!wargh!!!!!!!!

i woke up dis morning n the first word that came out was
"babi la!aku nk tido la!sape plak yg bertukang pagi2 nih??!!!!"
it's morning..n m not working..i'll be having my practice at 2..n i slept at 3 something last nite..n i think that freaking annoying construction noise is not a good day start.heh.

it's bamm!!bammm!!bammm!!!very loud..esp in my room.i tried to cover my ears with my bantal busuk but it didn't work.maybe bcoz it is 'bantal busuk' kot.not bantal.ade kaitan?heh.

in my head :

"m gonna go find whoever's making the noise n cut him!"

"shud yell at his/her face sampai puas."

"take watever tools he's using n run!"

the noise they're creating was 'soft' n 'beautiful'.so i think the owner wants the apartment to look smethin like dis :
whoever u are~~u've ruined my dream session!heh.. -_-"

e n d
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