Saturday, May 15, 2010

masalah perut buncit???

mane de buncit...boroi je...hahaha....we went out last nite to watch Robin Hood.i bot the tix via maybank 2u.then straight to s.alam to pick him up since his car msk workshop lg.then we had our dinner..Nasi goreng Kambeng!!Pedas gile!!!siyes byk gile cili die ltk mamak kat seksyen 4 tu cool la..siap bole wt lawak lg.tmpt tu siap ade ladies nite lg.ingt Clubs je ade ladies nite?mamak pn ade la skang!!!tgk sape lg chare...diorg nye ladies nite bkn stakat dpt air free...diorg nye siap leh dpt free movie passes lagi tu~~chare en..hahahha..

after movie..jln2..amek angin..gymbit2 kt skate park smpi spaq..then only balik..tu pn..lepak kat car park lu...then suddenly..

photoshoot at the carpark was awesome!!!!mcm kat taman kan..haha..padehal.. ;p

haaa...due bln 8 nnt..time pose.. ;p

ni x jadi dow gamba..sotong..haha.. ;))

i went straight home after the photo session..he gave me some money for the journey n everythin.n i couldn't stop smiling all my way back home.. :)
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