Tuesday, May 11, 2010

geli geli geli GLEE~~~~

dat day..i was informed by a fren there's a flashmob goin on dat coming Saturday,8th May 2010.everybody's goin.astenanian n sape2 je yg first i tot of not joining.y? xd semangat pn nk menari.huhu.But then one day paan ym ajak g rehearsal.rehearsal yg x wajib.rehearsal pukul 4.we decided to join the rehearsal at 3pm.n i watched the routines on youtube at 3.30pm n then straight to uniten to pick up 4.30 camtu baru smpi MidV.wait2..apsal mcm ape yg aku type ni sme cam lame n boring?hoho...watever lah..

so..sampai2 je..we saw so many people in groups..we're like..

"wat to do eyh?"

masuk je la mane2 group seems we din see any registration table ke ape we go.same group.sng sket nk ngumpat.hehe.. ;p tiba2..ade org pggl.

"u shud take ur number at the registration desk!"

i was like... "owh.ade ke..laaa..haha"

so kitorg pn g la kt table tu.we got different stickers.means different groups lah kan.bercerai lah kami.haha.he went to the orange wit blue team.

sepanjang practice wit the group...aku culture shock!!!nak taw nape??all i heard was..

"hey..where u from?" (dgn slang kayelll)

"omg...u're good at dancing..u have dancing background?" (dgn slang kayell)

"let's start from the top now shall we?" (dgn slang kayell telampau)

dan mcm2 lg..dan smenye pn aku rase sgt bimbo.hahahaha..

there's a girl named ACACIA..people called her sya.mixed blood.very cute n very pretty.n sgt mcm American.hoho.i mean the way she talked.her accent.very the american.hoho..paan dah cop die as my bestfren.y?sbb die cam excited sgt each n every time she saw me.hahaha..

xtaw la cmne..aku n paan sedaya upaya nk fit rase mcm kekok.i duno y.paan smpi lari2 ke group aku sbb his group mates were very talkative and they had lots to talk about.some of em were architect,engineers and all the things dat were very good to hear.but somehow paan couldn't take it anymore n ran to me instead of joining their successful conversation.alasan yg diberi?

"diorg ckp mcm kayell sgt ah.xleh nk fit in.rasa sgt fake"

hahaha..same goes to me...the only diff was my group mates were a bit slow and i din have troubles fitting in.aku je yg wat lame jokes.hahaha..

paan wit me..during first session.getting bored wit the same routines,so kitorg cam duk je kat tepi.wait 4 the big practice.(big practice tu means sme group gabung then dance same2)

itu mase 1st session..start 2nd session...surprisingly....

we became much more like em.bimbo.ckp pn dah mcm diorg.mengarut2.over.dan's not that bad.hahahaa. ;)) best gak jadi bimbo. ;p

after 3 times rehearsal..ini hari yg sebenar..

taraa!!!!look at the picture below ye..tenkiu.. :D

kami yg bersemangat nk jadi GLEEKS!!hoho..

on our way to the secret place to do the GLEE flash mob.

wpun aku x pnah tgk GLEE tp mase bersama diorg(GLEEKS),rasa mcm best.i duno y.maybe sbb they're very open jumpe ramai kawan baru..contohnye sorg ni nama dia sama dgn nama afiq dlm facebook. (Dominic Layang Ukit) n he's from Sarawak.still studying n dia hafal sme lagu dlm GLEE...giiiileeee laaa...haha.. ;))

the day we performed was a bit disappointed coz we were given false orders.suh kitorg naek atas.padehal yg sbnarnye xyah pn.F**k u andy...marah btul least we get to dance to the first session. :) n it was great!

the whole day was fun.step was yg penting...kitorg sronok sgt...sempat amek gamba n shooting msk starworld lagi tu.. :D

utk seminggu....feels like a GLEEK!! :p

credits to zul,paan,daos,naz,nini n sme yg hadir.i love u guys. :)

p/s : rasa nk organize flash mob dance yg unite all university students then buat kt MID.amacam?

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