Monday, May 17, 2010

the new justin bieber

skang kan tgh demam justin bieber..sume org pn nga gile2kan lagu Baby tu.including me.haha.but i have to admit dat Justin Bieber ni xle nyanyi live.Compared to this boy,Greyson Chance,he's a much better performer.sbb ape?sbb die bole nyanyi live.pastu die pandai piano. :D

i think m in LOVE wit him!!! ;))

i heard bout this boy last 2 weeks..tgh drive mase tu.then suddenly i heard Nadia from FLY talking bout a boy named Greyson Chance who has uploaded his own video performing lady gaga's song,paparazzi.the day b4 Nadia btaw kite sme kat radio psl this die tu da ade 8 juta viewers.the next day she watched it,guess what?

10juta babe!

respek2!mls nk merapu pjg...enjoy this video. :D

part yg i admire the most : part yg paparaaaazzii...rare..roarrr~~ ;D

p/s : selalu berangan dpt main piano dgn hebatnye.haih~~

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