Thursday, June 9, 2011

x ku sangka payung turun selepas hujan!

assalamualaikum u olssssss~~~~~


i nk story something.

once upon a was the time when i was 20.a young girl doing everything nasty and everything that could be taken as an experience perhaps. ;p

there's a guy in the restaurant.reading a book with a bunch of money
held in his hand.

i told a friend about what he looked like.
quite handsome by the way with hair all in the perfect mawhawk which all girls wana see.

we went to a table of two was perfect.just the way i wanted.i can watch closely as we sat just about 2 feet from him.

i grab the menu.

it was awesome.everything looked delicious.i ordered lamb stew with's the fav dish usually ordered by the fren hani ordered so
mething quite healthy.salad. -_-"

while waited for the food to be served and ready to eat, i planned to do something.after figuring it out for like 10 minutes,i thought this shud be FUN!

so i told hani about teh idea i've came out with.

then she said ; "this is gona be F***ing crazzzzyyyyyyyyyy yawww!!!!!"

and she said that out loud(please read this with an enormously phenominal tone u ever did) .u ARE brilliant Hani.thank you.

and we proceed with the plan.

here we go again.............

first step

pull out my lipstic

2nd step

pull up my skirt

3rd step

walk towards him

4th step

sat on him

5th step

remember the lipstic?
put it on his chest and draw something sexual

6th step

whisper something to his ears
7th step

walk away slowly towards my table

guess what??

he held my hand and pull me towards him with the force of a latin dancer.uuuuhhh~~sexayh baby~~!

we danced the whole nite with me in his arms all the way through the end.

oh mr LATINO....I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

at that time i was about to let him go coz i know..

i've been imagining about being GLEE's director.


u ols u ols u ols!!!!serious u ols.i mmg teringin nk jd one of the directors untuk GLEE>u ols taw kn series musical GLEE tu.alaa..yg ade nyanyi2 tu kan.klo xtaw jugak's ok.hehe

we ols mmg minat.we ols ske sgt time gwyneth paltrow blakon.she IS indeeeeeed sooooo sexayh~~the way she moves.. ( dah la jd sex teacher)

and soooo YES!i LOVE GLEE.but m not a fan yg duduk tgk n pnah miss..i watch em whenever i have free time.hee.. :D kire minat la jugak tu kan. :D

ok la.pjg ngarut.

bye u ols.tx 4 reading.I LOVE yah!!! :)

p/s : sedikit sedutan utk clip here. :)

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