Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mahalnya cincin dia u ols.


Hye u ols.

Hari ini I ada semangat nk jadi detective xd gaji.


So ape yg ktie nk kaji hari ni murid2?

Hari ni kita nk kaji.btul atau tidak Datin Rosmah purchased a USD 24million dollar ring?

Let us see these picture.these are taken from a blogger.found his blog.very I put it in my blog.

Mmg kelasss gitu cincin dia kan uols.duit sape la yg ade dlm 24 over millions tu ye?bak kata blogger asal,kita dah bsr,boleh fikir sndri.kan?

I also heard rumours about the expenses at their house. Air saja dah berapa juta.dat’s wat I heard. No idea whether it’s true or not.if it’s true, whose many are they using?sekali lagi I nk ulang,we are all grown ups..think this’s as simple as ABC.

I thought we were so corrupted during Mahathir’s legacy. But I was wrong. And I hate to watch the news now coz everytime Najib’s speech, I always feel like he’s overreacting. I’m so sorry. But I really hate person who’s completely clueless with the quote walk the talk.

p/s : rasa mcm nk je g merompak duit yg ada dlm umah die kan. ;p

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