Sunday, July 31, 2011

penutup hebat sebelum berpuasa

Assalamualaikum uols!

I senyap je lately ni.tah I rs cm I dah give up dgn blog.sigh~ ;(

Whatever it is,I get up and I think I really need to share this with u

Ramadhan is coming, fasting season is gona be fine I guess,as usual. I

gathered together with my family, had bbq and everything we could munch. So here I am,sharing with u guys what I just had for dinner.eheheh.this time around,menus are simple compared to last time.

Series sng gila nk prepare.fingers crossed.x tipu babe.

this is the first starter yg siap : Baked Spud.

FYI, spud means potatoes or kentang. In UK,they called it Spud.muncung sket bibir bile sebut SPUUUUDDD~

Yg adik I nga mkn ni namanya pizza express. Haip!bkn beli ok.buat.y it is called express?sbb express n sng sgt buatnye.hoho.nk resepi?kalo ade yg request nk resepi,I bg sape nak, feel free to ask yea.i x kedekut.hehe. ;p

Lamb marinade mcm biasa

Ketam ni fresh.sedapnye.slurpp~~

Haaa..yg ni mmg superb.ingredients dia pn sng je uols.x caye?nnt I bg resepi if ada org request okayh!ikan ni x smpi 15 minutes dah hbs.2 ekor babe.bsr2 lak tu.huhu.i guna ikan merah je. J

Tu je la yg hado..hehe.we had so much fun.tx to mama and aunty I yg x jemu mengajar resepi baru kt i.

ok u ols tx for reading.lavyah! ^_^

p/s : jom tgk habuan hari ni?

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