Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Showdown collaboration 2011 was awesome!


gud morning u all!

kalau 2 hari i bwk watak yg amat berbeza,arini lg berbeza.i nk jadi mcm host Showdown..Hafiz the great iaitu abg si hunny madu.oh yes.he is.haha.i pn baru taw.

so the main focus today is..


FYI,i bkn lah peminat setia showdown n i x pnah pn tggu the show on TV accurately on's just dat last nite adik i tbe2 terbuka 8TV.n there u go.


i was like "oh tx adik.luckily u switch to this channel"

masa i tgk tu ECX(btul ke?) dah perform,left with HMC Phlow,Rokusteps and Bouncesteppers.

Rokusteps and Bouncesteppers i x ske sgt.but i love HMC.for real babe!

While watching HMC Phlow performed, tibe2 i rasa i mcm knal je sorg ni. i knew him 4 years back i think.masa zmn2 kegelapan dulu.n he's still belasan tahun.oh yes.ramai siot org minat die.coz he's so cute kan. omaigod. his smile is one in a million.hahaha..demm old flame.. ;)))))

i tgk lame2.n yes. itu Faz.
ni gamba zmn2 dulu die.i curik kt blog sape tah.haha.the girl did mention about his lips lg. ;))

dulu mase zmn2 shuffle baru nk UP, he's one of em yg menyerlah. But mase tu dia dgn geng2 Ajam, also known as Aril.oh yes.the fella yg msk AF tu dulu budak hardstyle ye tuan2 dan puan2.haha.i baru taw he joined HMC.oh so lame.i baru taw semua ni.nmpk sgt dah x berhibur.haha!

ok back to the business!last nite i plg meremang2 and too excited mase tgk collaboration of HMC and ECX.goodness.u guys are too genius.bak kate Maple Loo.yeke name die eja cmtu?u guys were awesome man..seriously.and the song u chose...marvelous!movements?so neat and creative.oh man.m in love with these people.haha!

so i think Malaysia is not patient enough to wait for the final. Let's see which crew wins the dance floor!n i vote forr~~~~~~

Let's vote for em.if tbe2 HMC Phlow x dpt..i'll be so will definitely vote for ECX.elecoldxhot. :)

can't wait to see the final battle.i plak yg teruja lbey.ahaha...anyway..gud luck to all the crews ur best!!!!keep it rockin fellas! :D

arigato gosaimas!aishiteru! ^_^

p/s : yesterday i made a huge mistake.remember the post psl meanings in solat?the blogger is a boy.not Fahrain,(i duk baca wonder la i tersilap jantine.demm -_-")i AM so sorry.this won't happen again.i promise u. :)
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