Sunday, August 7, 2011

cakes,cupcakes and the family


u think cupcake chic is awesome?

oh oh.what about cuppacakes by wondermilk?

well.m not a big fan of cakes/cupcakes.but i like to see the artwork.

i ada kawan,NINA nama diberi.heheh.and she LIKES baking she’s damn good. u name it,she bake it. but i duno whether she takes orders from malaysia sbb dia kt overseas. ni some of the pictures yg i berjaya copy. tp SILALAH tgk picture lain at her blog..


n u'll be amazed. :)

wat do u think.something different ey?go catch up with her now!! ^_^

for those yg teringin nk tanya tips2 cupcakes,silalah tanya dia..dia master i tell you! :)

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