Saturday, August 20, 2011

must viewed tips to succeed in interview!!!


Kesibukan dan kelemahan internal telah menyebabkan blog berhabuk dgn tebal. Currently I’m working with my parents at Subitec. Placed under the production manager, I got to learn on production and all sort of things. Not to forget, I pn kena interview okay~~ who said anak bos x kena interview.heh. oh anyway, the interview was a disaster. Gile kau.ape bnda yg dia Tanya pn aku xtaw.haiyalatok.

However, I am taken regardless the awful interview session. The days go by, and I was assigned with ridiculously huge amount of work. It’s good for me though as I’m in a learning session.

Okeh.motif utama entry ni is to give u guys hints and tricks for interview. Some of u who’re reading this might trigger something in ur head like

“durrhh..hebat sgt ke pompuan n ink bg tips interview sampai.who are u?durhh~”

Ade ke camtu?hehe.well, I terfikir nk buat entry ni sbb there’s one day at the office..boss mintak I msk meeting room together with production manager I. Ada few candidates to be interviewed for assistant production engineer. Mcm terasa diri ni boss plak. ;p ada 2 candidates. And this is wat I observed throughout the interview :

1. Nervous

The first candidate was a boy,23 years of age, studied at UTEM. Nervous nya budak ni sampai nmpk terketar2 masa dia bercakap.

2. Attire yg x proper

This happened to the second candidate. A girl, 24 years of age. Unikl student. Dtg interview pakai Blue jeans, dgn t-shirt lgn panjang, with bag yg slalu bwk pegi shopping. So nor proper. First impression dah failed.sigh~

3. X jawab soalan

2nd candidate.

4. Pura2 taw padahal 0 knowledge

Also 2nd candidate.

5. Cakap bnda yg sama berulang kali

Happened to 1st and 2nd candidate

6. X confident

Happened to 1st candidate. Nmpk sgt la x confident nya tu.

So peeps, do u think attitude yg I state kt atas ni okay?i don’t think so. So here are some tips I can share with u.

1. Wear proper attire.

In this case, pakai la something formal, x menjolok mata, and sedap dipandang. DO NOT wear something sexy or ridiculous. First impression is very important.

2. Confident

Jgn nervous, confident but not over confident sbb bila over confident, nnt terjadilah perkara2 contohnya pura2 tahu wpun xtahu pape. And nnt u guys akan ulang bnda yg sama berulang kali. yg I baru je bg mungkin semua org dah tau. Tp apa yg boleh membuatkan seseorang candidate itu rises up and shines like a star?

Firstly, ever log on to JOB STREET? Tgk requirements x? pernah x jumpa perkataan mcm OEE,SPC, Six Sigma, DOE, 7 Quality tools? Sure u did kan?

Yg memohon semuanya msti gempak CGPA. U too. CGPA mstilah hebat2 belaka u ols ni. 3.99? :D

Ok.when everybody has the highest CGPA as u are, this is when u need something extra. This is when the extra is the advantage takes into account. So what is the advantage u should have?

LEAN 6 Sigma

What is this?

Lots of things and benefits to be learned through LEAN 6 SIGMA. That includes monitoring processes, production, having a controlled system with minimum waste. Dlm lean six sigma nil ah ade OEE, DOE, SPC yg I state kt atas td.. This s my advice to u. if u want the advantage u seek, this is it.

Oh, improve urself is a brilliant way to succeed. How? Search for MPC ( Malaysian Productivity Corporation).click je la cni trus.i direct u to the link. Kt cni diorg ada tawarkan kursus2 hebat! And if uols dah kerja..apa lagi..suruh company je lah yg bayar!hehe. I nk g on 14th and 15th ni kt PJ. Pasal supply chain. So important dlm dunia kerja now ni.x percaya? Percayalah.haha. ;p

Ok.selamat mencuba. To those yg ada interview session, cubalah dekatkan diri uols dgn lean six sigma ni sbb sgt2 berguna…GOOD LucK!!! ^_^

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