Wednesday, August 19, 2009



OU TermiNatoR

H_ _ N_ _ SuBanG


Mr TeddY PeRfuMe

NaiLs BiG aPPLe


so many things to be 4get..
so much to say n so much to write..wish i could just skip dis n run away...
hope dat dis would be d last post bout dis miserable part of my life..
last nite's conversation made me see things..
made me see n understand just how much u want dis to end..
"dis won't change anything eyh!"
"m not giving u hope..."
so yea..i'll try n stick to wat u've decided..but this time..i'll do it..patiently..
plus,this time around..seems like u're so determined to let me go..fine..i deserve it..byk sgt benda aku da buat.. dearie,let me say this..last time..the reason y i keep on running away from u is bcoz u keep on telling me dat we are finish..we're nothing special..we are frens..u stated that clearly..but then u came back..i got i did many stupid things..y? coz i wasn't cool enuf to think first b4 i did sumthing.owh yea..n dats when i lose u rite?n to conclude's all my fault..from the very beginning..the whole thing..i was very stupid..very stupid to see those hints dat u gave me..haih~dah la..evrythin's over..wat more can i do?byk kali kan die remind yg nothin will change dgn i shud understand dat by now..klo x fhm lg mmg da sah2 aku ni bodo,x fhm worry yea..m not writing dis 4 sympathy..i remember evrythin dat u said..m goin..far away from u..from wat we were last time..from evrythin dat i dreamed of...i will...thank you 4 makin dis very clear..

p/s : i can see dat u're having such a wonderful life now without me..u keep ur nails clean,u shaved,u're smiling when evrytime i see u..good 4 u i guess..its clear now..clear as water..

nota tapak ibu jari kaki belah kiri : hope dis will be d last time i write bout HIM.

nota tapak kasut size UK 9 : dat son of a bitch is driving me crazy.dun ignore people when they're talkin to u!!!tu kurang ajar namenye..tu pn nk kena ajar ke?huh.pathetic u lah.
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